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Exam Results

The following links are designed to help you find out and evaluate your exam results in the simplest and most comprehensive way possible. Also see below for a summery of past results and to get your exam re-corrections.

3 Check your Exam Results (November2015) 4
Please insert your Index no and press the search button to view your result. Through this system you can get a valid Fusion Education official exam result printout.

2 Best Achievers (November 2015) (updating)
The list of successful finalists from the November 2015 Diploma in Computer Application exam is now available. See the BEST and be the BEST next time!

34 Re-correction (Recheck your results)
If you have doubts about your result, please fill in the Re-correction form and submit it. Generally, inquiries regarding exam results submitted to the Re-correction Portal will receive a final or follow-up response within 2 weeks.

3 Grading System
Your grade depends on your marks. You will get your grade on your certificate, not the marks. Mark sheets accompany the certificate.