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DICA Practical Exam

Each student who has participated in the DICA theory exam, must participate in the DICA practical exam in order to get marks. Half of the marks are given for the Practical Exam. The Practical exam is conducted using an Exam Management System which is developed by Sarvodaya Fusion. This is the first Sri Lanka EMS designed for Grassroots Telecentre Students.


2How to Participate in the Exam
Students must use the Application (Exam Management System) which we provide to your exam centre. The name of the Application is "Fusion Live Exam™". This is an Advanced Exam Management System
. There are two systems available, one for Internet users and one for non-internet users. [Click the icon for the details of the systems]

2 Content of the Paper
The practical paper contains questions from the following applications. All questions are compulsory. They can be answered in Sinhala, English or Tamil

      • Microsoft Word XP - 30 Marks
      • Microsoft Excel XP - 30 Marks
      • Microsoft Power point XP - 15 Marks
      • Microsoft Access XP - 25 Marks

34Time for the Exam
Students have only 2 hours to answer to the DICA Practical paper. If you are using Web Exam Management system, it has a countdown. If you are using the Desktop client, the system will pop-up a notification every 30 minutes.

34Answering the Paper
Usually for the MS Word question, you need to create an advertisement using the given ad. Students can use the internet to create the MS PowerPoint Presentation. (Only to get information and Pictures) For the MS Access question, students need to create a Database.

34Delivering the Paper
For those who have the internet connection, upload the practical paper by zipping all 4 answer papers using the Paper Upload system [Web & Desktop App has this feature].
Others can send the paper via post by putting it on a CD. [This is the responsibilities of the Exam Coordinator]

Marks are given according to the aforementioned method in the "Content of the Paper" section. You will receive a total of 100 marks for the Practical Paper.

34Sample Practical Paper
Here you can download a sample DICA practical paper. Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher is required to view this paper.